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Hypnosis to Stop Nail Biting


What Causes Nail Biting?

It's a compulsive habit, often resulting from anxiety or stress, and is classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

It is actually a very common way of reacting to stress for both children and adults. After a while it just becomes an automatic behavior that you seem to have no control over.

Hypnosis can help you really change your behavior, and make the choice to stop nail biting a real one.  Imagine yourself with:

  • Long or normal fingernails

  • No redness or scabbing on your hands

  • No embarrassment

  • No more hiding your hands for fear of exposure

  • Ability to get manicures

  • No beating yourself up for this habit

  • Feel more confident, more professional


These embarrassing and often chronic habits can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated using hypnosis, generally in 3 to 6 sessions.

Each session is personalized to address your specific beliefs / triggers. 

Suggestions and techniques are given to help develop better coping methods, and for feeling more relaxed and at peace in general.

Our clients usually see an improvement even after one session.


Often clients will report a dramatic reduction in their habit right away. Some are actually done completely after just one session.

Hypnosis has helped many to become free of a nail biting habit.

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