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How To Find A Qualified Hypnotherapist

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

You want to try hypnosis to help you heal in a certain area of your life. You talk to your friends about hypnosis, you ask if any of them have ever tried it. You get all sorts of comments and advise from your friends, such as “that stuff is akin to voodoo”, “You can’t be serious, really what are you thinking?” “Oh I heard about that, sounds fascinating”. “You can do everything a hypnotherapist can do with just the download of an app”.

Okay, nothing the friends said really made an impact on you, so you surf the web. Wow, there are a lot of listings. Some hypnotherapist guaranteeing that you will drop 100 lbs. almost overnight, other trying to sell you products and self-published books marketed to “enhance your experience”. Some websites look professional, while others look like a 3rd grader designed it. It can be confusing enough to just throw your hands up in despair.

But all hope is not lost, there are ways to find a qualified practitioner.

First, ask yourself why you have decided to try hypnotherapy. In other words, what is the purpose for your search? Is it to quit smoking, to lose weight, to help manage and control pain due to a physical ailment, or to address an emotional issue?

Second, ask yourself, what distance you would be willing to drive? If you are confined to a limited distance, look for someone within a certain radius of your location. If you are willing to drive a few extra miles, then widen your search; this may be necessary if you live in a more remote location.

Next, take the time to surf the web and look for hypnotherapist near you. Look for hypnotherapist whose website tells you about his or her professional history, philosophy, mission statement, education and training. Does the practitioner offer services that meet your needs?

Find out if the practitioner is affiliated with any professional associations. Does he or she offer testimonials from actual clients?

Once you have narrowed your search to 2 or 3 practitioners, call them. If it does not say so on their website, inquire as to whether or not he or she provides a free consultation. Then make an appointment for that free consultation.

Go in with an open mind, but with questions in mind as well. If need be, write down your questions ahead of time.

Things to look for during your consultation: Did the therapist educate you the client as to the definition of hypnosis? Did he or she debunk the myths about hypnosis? Did he or she educate you as to the benefits of hypnosis? Did the therapist explain how the mind functions during a hypnotic trance? Did he or she offer to teach you self-hypnosis so that you can be practicing between sessions? Did he or she seem genuinely interested in helping you? Or just soliciting your funds? Did he or she offer hours that meet your needs? What does your gut instinct tell you about the practitioner?

At the conclusion of your free consultation, if you feel comfortable, then go ahead and schedule an appointment with the hypnotherapist. If you would like more time to think about it, then speak up, say so. The professional practitioner, will understand, thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck in your journey towards healing. He or she should extend an open invitation to contact them should you have further questions.

Be wary of any therapist who tries to put pressure on you to schedule when you have already said you were not ready. Watch out for pressured selling tactics. A confident professional therapist will not resort to such dishonest methods.

Ask for a business card, or brochure. Take them home, look over the information. Then decide for yourself. Only you can determine when the time is right for sessions. You can also determine which therapist you feel will best help you meet your needs and goals.

I hope this information has been helpful. May your journey be peaceful and prosperous.

Jaye Kelly-Johnston


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