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Sports Hypnosis for Youth


Why Sports Hypnosis for your child or teenager?


Sports Hypnosis is age appropriate for any child from age grade school to college.
It teaches your child how to discover the ability to enhance their sport performance as well as tools to practice interventions in other areas of their lives.


Sports Hypnosis integrates principles from cognitive, behavioral motivational, sports psychology in achieving the response for peak performance by accessing what some athletes call “THE ZONE”.


Sports Hypnosis is used by Olympic as well as professional athletes to improve their peak performance.

Hypnosis can help your athlete achieve their breakthrough moment.

Many young athletes desire the ability to block out the “noise” in their head during competition.


Negative self-talk, over-coaching, spectators, parents and any other manner of distraction can be managed through hypnosis; elevating your athlete’s performance and allowing them to have more fun.


Through hypnosis, your child can pre-experience superior and lasting success in the sub-conscious mind.

This creates a mind/body connection that results in outstanding performances 

and a happier, more confident athlete.


Whether you have a highly skilled athlete being driven to higher and better performances, a mid-level player who needs a breakthrough, or a struggling beginner, hypnosis will give your child an edge like nothing else can. 


Is Your Athlete Ready for a BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT?

I love working with athletes because the results are so easy to see, and they are generally highly motivated.


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