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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Hypnotherapy for PTSD has emerged as a credible, evidence-based treatment option for sufferers of PTSD.


PTSD consists of a series of symptoms that arise from a traumatic event which occurs in one’s life.


We mostly hear of PTSD as a result of our military service men and women who are returning from war and combat. It is quite common for soldiers to live in a chaotic environment for a period of time and then have difficulty assimilating back to their “normal” lives upon returning home.


This disorder is not only for soldiers returning from war. If you are the victim of a crime, especially a violent crime, you may be experiencing some of these symptoms. 


If you have ever been the victim of abuse including verbal and sexual abuse, you may have symptoms of PTSD.



People working in emergency response such as Police, Firefighters and EMT/Paramedics have a high incidence of PTSD because of their work involving traumatic events and situations.



 Ways Hypnotherapy is Effectively Used in the Treatment of PTSD

1. Audio recordings of sessions can be made so that the client can listen any time to relieve symptoms.

2. The hypnotherapist works on the specific triggers for an individual to help change the pattern their mind has developed. This will then change his or her reactions to the triggers.

3. The hypnotherapist works with the client to identify each trigger so that the client experiences more control over everyday situations which before would have been a problem for them.

4. Being in a state of hypnosis is a dissociative state, this means that the client is feeling so relaxed and almost as if they are not in their body or their negative thoughts. Even after coming out of the hypnotic state, the wonderful benefit of the physical and mental relaxation can last for days.

5. The hypnotherapist can also teach the client how to use self-hypnosis. This is extremely useful for treating PTSD. It gives the client the ability to be in control and bring peace and comfort to themselves at any time.

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