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My Work History


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, skilled in all aspects of mental health counseling with a diverse socio-economic, age, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. Experienced in supervisory skills. Highly skilled in DSM-V diagnosing. Skilled in public speaking, creative, analytical, and detailed oriented. I am a Certified Clinical Medical Support Hypnotherapist and Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. I am trained in many aspects of hypnotherapy including Natal Regressions, Inter-life and Past Life Regression Therapy.


I recently decided to take my experience in a different direction, opening up my own private practice that includes both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Prior to making this decision I worked at The Harris Center (formerly MHMRA) for almost 19 years as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner/Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts.

For the past 9 years I worked providing Forensic and Crisis Intervention in partnership with the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff Office. Together CIRT (Crisis Intervention Response Team) Unit, we serve as “first responders” to 911 Emergency calls involving hostage-takers, suicidal, homicidal and/or acutely psychotic persons who are likely suffering from untreated or decompensated mental illnesses, acute substance intoxication or a combination of the two. I provide rapid crisis assessments, life-saving interventions, diagnostics, crisis & hostage negotiations, referrals to crisis management services, psychotherapeutic, psychoeducational, psychopharmacologic, and psychiatric consultations, emergency detention orders, custody, and transfer to appropriate neuropsychiatric facilities at various qualified Houston Hospitals.


My partner and I work in tandem with the rest of the Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, The Harris Center for Mental Health & IDD (formerly MHMRA), Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff Office and Law Enforcement Officers working for the various other police & health agencies within Harris County (e.g. Harris County Constables, the multiple ISD’s & University Police agencies, Metropolitan Transportation Police, Texas Department of Public Safety and Federal law enforcement agencies, Houston-area hospitals and mental health clinics, and many others working in the Houston Metropolitan area.

Prior to joining CIRT, I served at the Clinical Team Leader for The Crisis Residential Unit and Crisis Counseling Unit for 5 years, providing clinical and administrative oversight to a team of Bachelor’s and Master’s level clinicians who providing mental health crisis counseling. Analyzed information to assess client’s stressors, determine advisability of counseling, and referred client to other specialists, institutions, conducted substance use assessments for support services. Assisted clients to gain insight, define goals, and plan action to achieve effective personal, social, educational, and vocational development and adjustment. Conducted individual and group counseling sessions regarding psychological or emotional problems, in the areas of stress, substance abuse, and family situations. Out-patient therapy included individual, family and play therapy through the crisis counseling unit.

Prior to CRU/CCU, I served for 5 years with CAPES (Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Emergency Services) and PES (adult Psychiatric Emergency Services) unit of the Neuro-Psychiatric Center (Psychiatric Emergency Room). I performed clinical activities such as independent assessments and diagnosing of mental health disorders. Provided monitoring, clinical supervision, crisis intervention and training of staff. Used Cognitive behavioral therapy focusing on the reduction or elimination of severe and persistent mental illness.

Jaye has also served as adjunct instructor at Lone Star College for many years, teaching in both the fields of psychology and sociology.


Other experience includes management of assisted living facility.

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