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Bedwetting, medically known as nocturnal enuresis (NE), is a common pediatric issue that can follow children into their early teens. Many doctors prescribe medicine for children who have a bed-wetting problem. But now more physicians are turning to hypnosis, which has very positive results. Part of the reason that it works so well is that kids play an active role in their treatment rather than just taking a pill.


Bedwetting can have significant impact on a child or adolescent’s life. He may feel sad, ashamed, and embarrassed. She may worry that she might have an accident while sleeping at a friend’s home or while away at overnight camp. Some “feel like babies” because they still have to wear pull-ups at night.

Before considering medical hypnosis for treatment, your child should be evaluated by his or her primary care clinician, including having a urinalysis. When other biological causes have been eliminated, it is not clear why bedwetting occurs and may simply be an unconscious habit that some children develop.


Hypnosis for Bedwetting:


Medical hypnosis has been found to be effective as a nocturnal enuresis treatment, even after traditional approaches, including the bedwetting alarm, medication, drinking less before bedtime, and having someone wake the child during the night, have failed.

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