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About Love, and Intimacy in Relationships

Love and intimacy are the most potentially fulfilling aspects of intimate partnerships, however

they represent areas where most people are challenged.


These aspects of a relationship actually enhance our physical and emotional health as individuals.


Love is mysterious..

               It can bring out both the best and the worst in us..

               Our deepest fears and our greatest hopes, 

               selflessness as well as our possessiveness, 

               our kindness and our insensitivity, 

               our generosity and our self-centeredness. 

Learning how to love someone and balance these opposites can be challenging as they are built in human traits.


There is a lot of evidence from scientific research that a great sex life has tremendous health benefits. Sex is physically good for us because it provides cardiovascular exercise which not only gets more oxygen to the brain but is always good for the heart.


Engaging in sexual activity changes our chemistry with the production of pleasure-inducing hormones such as oxytocin, and even pain relieving hormones helping us to forget negative thoughts or even temporarily alleviate back, neck, or other physical discomfort we may have had. 


Research has shown that people who have frequent and pleasurable sex, live longer and healthier lives, have fewer hospitalizations, and take fewer medications than people who don’t.


Intimacy can be defined as our experience with feelings of deep connectedness, openheartedness, and vulnerability. Any boundaries that form a sense of separateness dissolve, creating a feeling of blissfulness.



True intimacy between two people is that special feeling of having something that only the two of you share. Something that the outside world is not a part of, a bond and a private connection. This could be a sexual connection in one moment and a private conversation in another.  It can be a look you share in a crowded room or an inside joke you might have created many years ago.

Intimacy is a Feeling of Connection.


Using hypnotherapy can be a wonderful way to help break down walls which may have been holding you back in your relationships. 


Whether you are currently in a relationship and feel like you need help with any or all of these issues, or you are between relationships and would like to build your confidence to be ready to move forward into a new and healthy relationship, hypnosis might be the answer for you.


Helping couples is the ultimate goal at Kelly-Johnston Counseling, PLLC, It works very well to treat couples individually because they feel free to express their feelings without fear of causing problems with their partner and focusing more on what they need as an individual to create the loving relationship they desire.


It is of course beneficial if both parties in a couple are open to hypnotherapy to improve the relationship, but if one person is ready to improve themselves, that change can help to move the couple in the right direction.


This is a great therapy for someone who has been through several relationships or is divorced and wondering if they will ever have the intimate relationship they want. If this is you, call for a free phone consultation with our hypnotherapist to find out if this might be the answer for you.

Did you know that hypnotherapy may be able to help your behavior when it comes to intimacy?


Studies of different cultures throughout the world show that the more satisfying and fulfilling our relationships are, the higher our quality of life is regardless of any other factors.


When people are in trusting, respectful, supportive relationships they thrive as individuals in all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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