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Benefits of Hypnosis for Pregnancy


I like to use a fire drill analogy to demonstrate the importance of preparation for childbirth.


We do fire drills to prepare in the event of a real fire.

 We prepare routes of escape.


We buy or make necessary equipment beforehand, and we consider various scenarios and prepare


our responses.

We do all of this 
before the fire, not during the fire.  

Planning ahead reduces the chances of panic and ensures the safest outcome.  

The same is true of childbirth.  When we take a childbirth preparation class we prepare during pregnancy rather than leaving things to chance during birth.  As with fire drills, we reduce stress and panic, and we ensure the healthiest birth for you and your baby.  We prepare for what is going to happen.

Hypnobirthing is very similar.  

Most hypnobirthing programs focus on preparation during pregnancy.

If you think about it, these programs should really be called “pregnancy and childbirth” hypnosis programs, since most of the practice and prep is done during pregnancy.

The great thing about hypnosis for childbirth (and pregnancy) is that it is EASY, and much and much more relaxing than skydiving preparation!

Birth Hypnosis Classes

In a birth hypnosis class you will see firsthand how easy it can be.  Your instructor(s) will likely demonstrate the techniques.  They will take you through the stages of hypnosis. 

The great thing about it is you simply absorb these positive suggestions of learning while completely relaxing and waking very refreshed.
If your birth partner attends they will be trained as well. They can go through their own relaxing hypnosis session.

Benefits Of Childbirth Hypnosis During Pregnancy

  • You will learn to relax on command, which is essential so you can relax during contractions in labor.

  • You will reduce overall stress levels which results in decreased muscle tension.  Relaxed birthing muscles will give you more endurance (as birthing can be exhausting!), and often results in...

  • shorter, less difficult births.  

  • Most birthing mothers who use hypnosis use fewer or no medications or medical interventions during labor, which is much healthier for them and their babies.  

  • Hypnobirthing women also encounter fewer complications.  

  • Finally, hypnosis for childbirth often reduces birth pain, and many women experience a pain-free birth.

Other benefits during pregnancy, including: ring pregnancy, including:

  • better sleep

  • lower stress levels

  • help relieving heartburn and morning sickness

  • lower blood pressure

  • promotes a positive attitude for pregnancy and birth

  • being more in tune with your body and baby


All of these benefits stem from the complete psychological shift you have when you practice hypnosis regularly.  


This is especially true for women who have a lot of fears about childbirth, a lot of stress in their lives (job, family, becoming a mother), or are generally feeling negative about pregnancy and childbirth.  

Ideally you can start hypnosis in your first trimester.  This gives you a chance to get familiar with hypnosis. 


Getting in tune with your body early in pregnancy will help you align better with the many changes your body will be going through. 


Early hypnosis practice will make it easier to relax and sleep better later in pregnancy when most expectant mothers have more difficulty finding comfortable sleeping positions.


Many hypnobirthing women report how easily they would fall asleep at night if they listened to their session recordings or practiced self-hypnosis techniques just before bed. 


However, early practice is by no means necessary.  

Ultimately, hypnosis is about mindset shift.  It is about unschooling your brain from the negative and often traumatic images about pregnancy and childbirth that most of us have been brought up with.  


It can empower you to explore birthing options you hadn’t thought of, the way it empowered me to opt out of a hospital birth and embrace a home birth.  It can help you visualize your own birth and plan accordingly, so you are fully prepared on birthing day.

“Anyway, after just a few days I've already seen such a difference, I can't believe it. I feel so much better not just about the birth but my whole pregnancy and my whole life! It's like I've got my old, cheerful personality back. I'm so grateful I found this when I still had enough time left to change my mindset before the big event, and I can see myself using hypnotherapy as part of my daily life in the future, not just for the birth. Seriously, I can't thank you enough, I think you might actually have saved my sanity.”

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