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Our New Normal and Kindness

Our New Normal and Kindness

While there are a lot of varying opinions about the Covid-19 virus and the stay at home lockdowns coming down from state government. Some people are saying that states need to reopen their economy, then others fear it is too early and that lives will again be put at risk.

There is a lot of information and at times it may be difficult to decide what to believe, for example: States are opening back up but mask are being required in public in many locations.

While I am not a medical professional and not offering any medical advice, I am also not a political expert so what I have to say comes from the perspective of myself as a mental health professional.

While sometimes needed for rest and rejuvenation, long term isolation is not viewed at healthy. The Bible states that “it is not good for man to be alone” Gen 2:18. Perhaps it is not good for mankind to be alone, to be isolated from what he or she knows to be their normal life.

As you start to reengage in daily life let’s all remember that we are now living our new normal. There are still people afflicted with not only Covid-19 but with other issues that make them more susceptible to illnesses. Please continue to practice kindness and mindfulness. Continue to demonstrate and teach your children how goodness and generosity behaves.

We never truly know what someone has gone through or continues to experience. Suffering is not just physical or economic but also mental, spiritual and emotional. So that person who might have spoken to you roughly, or the person who is unnecessarily expresses anger towards you, show them your kindness and mercy. Let your soft-spoken words be healing and full of compassion.

Today may be the perfect opportunity for your smile, your kindness, and your goodness to lift the spirit of someone else.

If you find yourself in need of professional mental health services, Kelly-Johnston Counseling is here to help Because Healing Matters.

Stay safe, be blessed.


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