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What People are Saying About Kelly-Johnston Counseling, PLLC


My hypnotherapy session with Jaye was a life changing experience. I came to Jaye because I needed to make extremely important decisions and did not feel or believe I had the strength or ability to trust my own judgment. Jaye explained hypnotherapy and its life altering potential to help me trust myself and follow my dreams.

From the moment I met her, I could tell she was dedicated and sincerely interested in helping me realize my God-given abilities to navigate the obstacles I was facing in both my professional and personal relationships.  


My hypnosis session with Jaye helped me realize and believe in my own potential. I am now moving confidently through a very difficult divorce while establishing my own business. But, most importantly, I am doing it with

“peace of mind” and confidence. Every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to bed, before falling asleep I listen to the positive reprogramming suggestions we created together. Every day I feel stronger and more capable.

Thank you Jaye, because in only a few hypnotherapy sessions, we have worked together to reverse negative ideas and limitations that more than 5 years of “cognitive behavioral psychology”never accomplished.

You have been and will continue to be a blessing in my life.

Thank you, Philippa Warfield. Houston, TX.

Had a free hypnotherapy session this morning with Jaye Kelly-Johnston.

It was so great I did not want to come back from hypnosis because I was ultra-relaxed! It was a great experience!

Thank you, Jaye, hope to see you again soon at your new offices!


With kind regards,

Maria Causey, CNA

I want to thank Ms. Kelly-Johnston For an awesome hypnosis therapy.

I am 62 years old yet never had experienced this wonderful relaxation through hypnosis. I highly recommend Ms. Johnston, she is so amazing!!

Thank you again.

Maria Benavidas

Hockley, TX

I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Jaye today. I was in awe that she was able help me tap into my subconscious mind.

I highly recommend her services if you are having difficulty in areas of your life or just want to try  something different.

Schedule an appointment with her you won't be disappointed.

Kendra Ouzenne


Not sure how it worked, but Jaye helped me learn to relax and enjoy myself more on the golf course.

My putting improved markedly and so have my scores!

Spike Hubbs

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